Peak Deconvolution

Content Developed by Dr Dominik Konkolewicz, Nethmi De Alwis and Kevin Burridge

This spreadsheet and the associated read-me file can be used to deconvolute complex curves such as size exclusion chromatography (SEC) data or spectroscopic data where there are multiple curves overlapping. For best results data sets with clear shoulders or mutlimodal peaks should be used, although even more challenging data sets can be deconvoluted. Up to 3 peaks can be deconvoluted, with the spreadsheet set up to evaluate the number and weight averaged molecular weight and relative fraction of each peak.

All that is needed to use this deconvolution spreadsheet is Microsoft Excel. For optimization of the fit, the Solver add-on is required.

If using this deconvolution template in your research resulting in publication, MACRO asks that you acknowledge the deconvolution template as follows. “We acknowledge the peak deconvolution template by The Konkolewicz Group provided by the Macromolecular Alliance for Community Resources and Outreach.”

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