Internships are a fantastic way of gaining tons of experience. They can help your application for your first job, or graduate studies application stand out. The most common types of internships include:

NSF research experiences for undergraduates (REU) program,

Other Government or Industrial Internships. MACRO has assembled a list of other internships you may want to consider.

Why Intern?

The hands on experience is invaluable. You can learn useful lab skills, analytical skills, as well as develop soft/translatable skills such as problem solving, communication, and leadership. If you enjoy your internship with a private company or REU site there are really high odds oof you being offered a job with the company after you graduate or accepted into their graduate program.

What materials do I need for an internship?

This Depends on the internship opportunity, but in general you can expect the following materials will be requested:

Online application content and applicant information

Undergraduate Transcript(s)

Personal Statement

Resume / CV

Letters of Recommendation (Typically 2-3 are needed)

For more details on these application materials, see the section on crafting a competitive graduate school application.

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