Polymer Outreach Repository

MACRO led by Phil Costanzo

Submissions received by MACRO are posted to the Repository with a brief description of the activity. Scroll through the activities to find one that piques your interests, matches your passions or communicates the ideas that interest you.

To contribute an activity first download the template below:

Describe your activity and submit through the Outreach Google Form portal if you have a great activity to contribute. When describing your activity make sure highlight the target audience, group size, safety considerations underlying concepts and any supplies that are needed, in addition to any relevant additional information.

Making your own SillyPutty Using Glue and Cornstarch

Making your own Slime Using Jello and Clear School Glue

Making your Own BouncyBalls using Glue and Borax

Bring your own Pumpkin Fund-Drive

Pledge Project 2018: STEM Career Education and Tour of Chemistry Department