What is Polymer Outreach

Outreach is a way of connecting with our community. As polymer scientists and engineers we can share so much of our skills with the broader community.

These can be K-12 populations who will become professionals, parents who want rigorous content for their children, teachers who are training future leaders, people concerned with the environmental impact of plastics and polymers, among others. Connecting with these populations is a great opportunity to take our knowledge in polymers and share it with groups who may never have such perspectives otherwise. At MACRO we want to be facilitators of outreach and empower polymer scientists and engineers to connect with their communities.

What Are MACRO’s goals with Outreach

We aim to create a repository/depository of outreach materials for individuals to be able to spread their passion and knowledge of science to the general population. We hope to create an interface where individuals can request instructional content based upon audience composition and support resources. Additionally, we plan to create an opportunity for individuals to share what they are currently utilizing in their communities and receive appropriate recognition for their contributions to the Polymer community. We envision a two-way interface where individuals can submit new polymer knowledge and also access and gain new resources in polymer science.

Outreach activities already contributed to MACRO, can be found in the MACRO Outreach repository.

The Outreach repository contains information outreach activities including information on supplies and target Audience. Access the repository here.

Contributing an Outreach Activity

To upload outreach materials to MACRO, please enter MACRO’s Outreach Depository Google form to enable you to upload your materials. Note you will need a free ACS ID, valid email address, and an active Google Managed Account to upload your file. When outlining your outreach activity in Polymer Science and Engineering, please use the template provided. Please provide sufficient detail to enable a bachelors level scientist to facilitate the activity. Please ensure you clearly note the target population, specific equipment needed, and also any safety precautions that need to be considered.

Template for Outreach Activity