Polymers: Stereochemistry

Content Developed by MACRO Curriculum Committee led by Dr Elizabeth Sterner

This series of slides and associated notes is designed to be placed in the organic curriculum. The document of notes and accompanies a set of slides produced by the ACS MACRO initiative.  The document is meant to provide deeper explanation of the concepts and content found on these slides, supporting their use in the classroom.  The document is not intended for dissemination to students, but rather to bring the instructor, “up to speed” on this polymer content.  At the end is a list of helpful references, in case you wish to dig deeper into a subject. The slides are intended for dissemination to students and may be placed into any series of lecture modules. Please feel free to download both documents by clicking the links below.

Instructor Document for Polymers: Stereochemistry

Slides for Students on Polymers: Stereochemistry